Palazzo Dello Spagnolo rooms, apartments, terrace

Offering a sun terrace and views of the city, Palazzo Dello Spagnuolo B&B is situated in the heart of Naples offering rooms both at the first floor (the apartment with sauna) and at the top floor (double rooms). Call us for the best price whatsapp +393337114807.  Palazzo dello Spagnuolo is an aristocratic late-baroque style building, attributed to the architect Ferdinando Sanfelice, erected during 1738. Theinterior octagonal courtyard leads to an amazing double ramp stairwell called "ad ali di falco" that, with the rich stuccoes, make very easily and suggestive to get the top floor without elevator. The Palace sited in the old "Borgo" of Virgins is the most characteristic and lively area of the Sanità district with the typical market outdoors.
The village, offers a great number of cultural sites to visit such as the Basilica with the "Catacombe di S.Gennaro and S.Gaudioso, the ossuary of "Fontanelle" Cemetery - which preserves the bones of nameless dead called "pezzentelle" souls- the Basilica of S.Maria della Sanità and just outside the village the medieval aragonese walls are testified by the door of S.Gennaro with a valuable painting by Mattia Preti. Here the neapolitan traditions blend with multiculturalism of the contemporary metropolis. In the heart of the village, you can enjoy a good local wine at "Ancient Cantina Sepe" (just in front of the Palace) or taste the famous pizza at "Concettina ai tre santi, ending with the delicious "fiocco di neve" of Pasticceria Poppella. The village is well served by metro with line 1(Museo) and line 2 (Cavour). within few steps walking you can get "Orto Botanico", the Archaelogical Museum and the Cathedral. All our guests are welcome to enjoy our roof terrace during their stay, and during good weather season, first floor apartment can choose where to have breakfast, both by themselves in the apartment or served in the terrace. Call us for best price. whatsapp +393337114807